Our goals are simple ...
Create and Manage High Quality Hospitalist Groups
Maintain and Grow Inpatient Volume
Provide Better One on One Physician Care
  Measure Successful Patient Outcomes  
  Achieve & Maintain Quality Incentives  
Create a Consistent Team of Practitioners
Maintain Open Communication
Provide Recommendations on Available Resources

What is a Hospitalist? The Society of Hospital Medicine has adopted the following official definition of “hospitalist.” Hospitalists are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients. Why do you need a Hospitalist program? Hospitalists have the ability to improve the overall quality of care, patient safety and patient flow of your hospital. Why do your patients need Hospitalists? Hospitalists provide the link between primary care physicians (PCPs) and hospitalized patients, as well as a system for managing and improving the level of inpatient care.